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Workshop Resources

We provide our face-to-face and online participants with a unique set of tools designed to enrich and deepen data analysis.

Causal Analysis Cards

The intent of the Causal Analysis Cards is to collaboratively explore potential reasons or causes of current student learning problems using findings from research and best practice. Each card contains a finding or statement based on a synthesis of the research and best practice about what has been shown to be effective in a variety of educational settings.

Each Causal Analysis Card Activity Set contains 30 to 40 cards, an activity descriptor, graphic organizers and a bibliography of selected resources.

In this video, a team of teachers identify two possible causes of their grade-level student learning problem after consulting Using Data Solutions Cause Cards and collecting additional data to verify their assumptions.

Causal Analysis Cards—Content Areas

English Language Arts/Literacy | Mathematics | Science Data Flow | Causal Analysis Cards—Achievement Gap Areas: English Language Learners, Low Socio-Economic/Poverty, Special Education

The Causal Analysis Cards were developed by The GroupWorks, LLC, and are being disseminated exclusively through the Using Data Project at Using Data Solutions.

The complete set is available for $150.00. Download the order form here.

For more information, call us at (774) 993-2005 or email us at: info@using

Books by Using Data

Using Data to Improve Learning for All  | Using Data to Improve Learning for All: A Collaborative Inquiry Approach | By Nancy Love, et al | Available from Corwin Press

Data Coach's Kit & Casual Analysis Cards


Data Coach's Kit

Designed based on the manipulatives contained in the Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students, this kit provides Data Coaches with a comprehensive set of materials for enacting the activities in the Guide. Also included is a special pocket guide to help Coaches navigate the tasks and activities in the Guide.

The Data Coach's Kit is available for $99.00. Download the order form here. For more information call us at (774) 993-2005 or email us at: info@using