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Implementing a Data Literate Culture at the School and Teacher Levels

Dina Nunnaley, TERC’s Using Data Project Director served as guest facilitator with West Ed’s Senior Research Scientist, Ellen Mandinach in a two-part webinar series hosted as a Bridge Event by the Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest. Free resource links and references are included with both archives.

Part 1 examines the systemic nature of embedding data use in day-to-day practice in rural schools and classrooms. Click here to view Part 1.

Part 2 explores the interrelationships among components that foster a culture of data use in rural schools. In addition, the presenters address topics that participants requested following Part I, including how to set up a data-driven culture in schools and how to help students make use of their data. Click here to view Part 2.

Webinar Archive: Making TIME for Teacher Collaboration: Strategies That Work

Presented by Diana Nunnaley and Mary Anne Mather

This webinar, presented by TERC’s Using Data facilitators, suggests realistic strategies for making time for teacher collaboration within the school day. The ideas are illustrated with practical examples from schools that have successfully expanded time for collaborative inquiry. We know there are only so many hours in a school day — this webinar just may change the way you view time!

Watch the recorded webinar (NOTE: there is a 10 second delay before the recording begins):

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