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Using Data Solutions

You Believe:
• Learning should be student focused
• Closing achievement gaps is essential and possible
• Informed leadership is key to meaningful change
• Practices proven in the field offer the most effective solutions

You arrive with:
• A district, school, or grade-level content area challenge
• An interest in influencing coherence across school-improvement initiatives that results in improved student achievement and closing achievement gaps.

You leave the Academy with:
• 5 research-based recommendations for using data to support instructional decision-making
• 3 keys to leadership with supporting actions that drive using data for meaningful change
• Proven processes to support a collaborative inquiry model of data analysis, next-step planning, and progress monitoring
• A toolkit of materials to build capacity for building & sustaining a data-informed culture
• A 5-step research-based rubric to gauge progress toward implementation
• Opportunities for various levels of post-academy support
• A micro-credential certificate as a Data Leader

You will have access to:
• Thought leaders experienced with proven using data practices
• Peer networking opportunities
• Relevant, hands-on learning activities
• High quality, research-based processes and materials

4 Days, onsite
June 6-9, 2016; 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

TERC 2067 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA02140

District and school administrators
District or school-level data leadership teams

Participants will be advised about what local data to bring to the Academy.

$1,200 per person

  • Continental breakfast & lunch each day
  • Flash drive containing all tools and templates
  • Using Data Implementation Rubric for Progress Monitoring
  • Using Data Getting Results Resources CD
  • Data Leader’s micro-credential certificate
  • Four full days of hands-on professional learning
  • Opportunities for peer networking
  • Follow-up assistance via various electronic media

Academy Description:

This 4-day Leaders’ Academy prepares district and school administrators to analyze and use data as a dynamic process that can eliminate the “silos” effect of multiple existing program adoptions or stand-alone improvement processes that have been implemented to accelerate student achievement. It prepares district and school administrators and/or leadership teams to:

Make data actionable and competency-based
• Use data to bring coherence across improvement initiatives & maximize their impact
• Build a system-wide culture of data-literacy and student-focused teaching and learning
Create capacity to collect evidence needed to validate successful implementation and gauge impact on achievement

Leaders will learn what it takes to initiate, support, and sustain the meaningful and productive use of data throughout an organization – with an emphasis on how to support teachers’ use of data. Academy content addresses the following topics: the importance of continuous improvement cycles, triangulating multiple data sources, using data to inform staff development, and the importance of student data use.

During the Academy, experienced administrators will have an opportunity to serve as peer mentors to share from their own contexts about how they are using data successfully, data-use challenges, overcoming barriers, and getting to scale across their districts or schools. .

Post Academy Follow-up:

Over the course of the next academic year, participating individuals and teams will have free access to several forms of implementation assistance designed to build on growing expertise across the cohort. Periodic group video and audio conferences will be offered to enable leaders to share progress, examine barriers, and learn from peers and experts. Additionally, data use tips and reminders will be shared via digital media.

In addition to the above free supports, participating leaders who would like assistance in bringing their school or district to scale in the use of data can consider the following contracted services that might include one or more of the following:

• Onsite workshop series to build organizational capacity through developing data teams
• Remote or onsite coaching to help guide implementation milestones
• An onsite workshop to support teachers’ effective use of classroom data

• An onsite workshop to support student data use
• Online course focused on Using Data For Meaningful Classroom Change

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