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Using Data invited to present at Learning Forward's 2014 Annual Conference in Nashville, December 6-10

For the third consecutive year, Using Data Project facilitators have been asked to present at Learning Forward's Annual Conference. This year, Mary Anne Mather and Diana Nunnaley will present a session entitled Effective, Continuous Data Use Requires Prepared Leadership on Tuesday, 12/9, at 9:15 AM (F45).

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Collaboratory for Adolescent Literacy Leaders: Practitioner Perspectives About Literacy in the Content Areas

One element of the Common Core State Standards is a focus on literacy instruction in all content areas. This publication highlights reflections of high school teachers, with a chapter that describes using data to help focus their work. Through a grant from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, The Education Alliance at Brown University developed the Collaboratory for Adolescent Literacy Leaders (CALL) program to assist educators with delivering more effective instruction in the content areas and closing persistent achievement gaps among their students. The CALL was co-developed by a Senior Facilitator of TERC’s Using Data project.

"Using Data is providing us with longer-term solutions based on research. There is no short-term fix to make up for the inequities and to transform learning. When the process is right, the payoff will come."

Mary Wermers, Curriculum Director

Through a combination of job-embedded online and face-to-face collaborative activities, math, science, and social studies teachers explored research and resources related to proven literacy practices, experimented with new teaching strategies, and created a series of literacy-rich lessons in their content areas. They analyzed English Language Arts assessments and student work to identify specific learning gaps and monitor the effectiveness of the literacy strategies they used. Download the publication.

Leadership Strategies Strengthen Data's Impact

Using Data Senior Facilitator Jennifer Unger shares reflections and suggestions in her article Flex Your School's Data Muscles to help education leaders gain the know-how to establish a firm foundation for effective data use by all stakeholders in their educational systems (Learning Forward's Journal of Staff Development). Download the article.

TERC's Using Data offers hands-on practice with the essential leadership strategies that stengthen data's impact for increased student achievement. Read more >>

Data Literacy for Educators

A special data issue from the Journal of Educational Research & Policy Studies features reflections by TERC's Using Data Director, Diana Nunnaley. The issue illuminates the multi-dimentional aspects of what it means to be data literate. As a recognized leader in professional development and technical assistance for effective data use, TERC was invited to delve into the topic with researchers, practitioners, foundation program officers, and other stakeholders - a group convened by Ellen Mandinach and Edith Gummer.

To explore the skills, knowledge, and beliefs teachers need in order to use data for meaningful change, read Diana's section of the publication, "Professional Development to Build Data Literacy" (pp. 39-49). Especially check out the bulleted list on page 45 and accompanying rubric to gauge your schools current level of data expertise. Download the article here.

For more insight into your own data use, take our Low- and High-Capacity Data Use Continuum survey or download and complete the PDF version. Once you've finished, contact TERC's Using Data to schedule a free analysis: 617.873.9639.

Duval County FL Schools Taking “Data-Informed” to New Levels

28 Duval County District Public Schools celebrate the hard work, commitment, and results realized from their involvement in an IES-funded study focused on using data for meaningful change. Learn more >>

TERC's Diana Nunnaley to present at 25th Annual STATS-DC 2012 Data Conference

Session Title: Evaluation of Using Data Professional Development Program: Year 1 Implementation, Fidelity, and Evaluation Design.

Presenters: Linda Cavalluzzo, Laura Holian, and Diana Nunnaley

Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time: Concurrent Session VI from 11:00 to 12:00

About This Session: As states and districts increase the collection of student data, teachers are asked to use, interpret, and analyze data frequently. There are many books and professional development programs that purport to help teachers make use of student data to improve instruction and student achievement (Boudett, City, and Murnane 2010; Bernhardt 2009; Love 2008), but there is little rigorous evaluation of these programs. This randomized controlled trial of the Using Data professional development program was funded by the Institute for Education Sciences in 2010. This presentation describes the Using Data intervention, analysis plan, and preliminary Year 1 descriptive findings.

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TERC’s Diana Nunnaley Joins Professional Development Leaders at Gates-Sponsored Meeting on Effective Use of School Data

Diana Nunnaley, TERC’s Using Data Director, was invited to participate in a data literacy meeting sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Meeting organizers Ellen Mandinach of WestEd and Edith Gummer of Education Northwest brought together a diverse group of education experts to create a common understanding of data literacy and provide a foundation for teacher preparation in using data to improve student learning. Nunnaley was one of eight professional development providers at the gathering held May 3 and 4, 2012, which also included researchers and policy makers.

“It was reaffirming to participate in discussions that focused on what teachers need to know to do this work, ” said Nunnaley. “Teachers have to be put at the center of the process so that real change can occur at the point of instruction, and the meeting really underscored that point.”

Nunnaley was selected to attend the meeting because of the groundbreaking work TERC initiated over a decade ago in the development of the Using Data program. She has helped to hone and streamline the process of ‘collaborative inquiry’ that engages teachers in cycles of targeted data analysis. TERC’s Using Data team has worked in over 23 states, hundreds of districts and schools nationwide building teacher-led data teams and facilitating data analysis techniques and instructional improvement steps that result in increased student achievement.

For more information, please contact us at 617.873.9639, or fill out our contact us form.

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