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Comprehensive Using Data Institute - Professional Development for Data Teams and Data Coaches

The Comprehensive Using Data Institute prepares Data Coaches and Data Teams to use and interrogate data effectively by training teachers, administrators, and instructional specialists to become school-level data coaches. Coaches work with teacher teams to facilitate a structured process of analyzing and questioning multiple sources of data. Building the knowledge and skills of the data coaches is a key element in Using Data.

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The goal of the professional development is to prepare teachers to use data to improve teaching and learning through the enhancement of their data literacy skills and capacity  1) to work collaboratively, 2) to investigate persistent learning gaps 3) to use data to discover root causes. Teacher teams begin to increase their content  and pedagogical knowledge resulting in instructional strategies focused on short cycles of instruction targeted to address the learning gaps and misunderstandings revealed through the analysis of data.

The professional development is delivered in small increments over time to teacher leaders, affording them the time and space to experience the process by engaging in each task using their own school’s student learning data as well as other local data. In the interim periods between each installment of professional development, the teacher leaders implement the process and techniques using additional student learning data during regularly scheduled planning meetings. 

It is recommended that districts or regional consortia whose improvement plans include increasing capacity to use data well, include the Data Leaders’ Academy to prepare district and school administrators to initiate and support the use of data in their schools.

Intended Audience:

Data Coaches, Data Teams, and Teachers within a single district.

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