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About Using Data Solutions

"Another area of great improvement was collaboation around data use to improve teaching via Using Data methods".

PICCS End of Year Report - 2015

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Our Vision

Using Data Solutions provides professional development programs for district leaders, school administrators, and teachers to help them use data effectively, in ways that can lead to positive changes in organizational culture, instructional pedagogy, and classroom practices. Our training can help educators mine a variety of reliable data to uncover specific learning problems, verify the causes of the learning problems, and develop instructional solutions and monitoring plans to address these gaps. The result is a cultural shift toward data-informed decision-making, instructional excellence, and shared responsibility for the success of all students.

Using Data Solutions Process consists of a series of essential skills, tools, and strategies to help educators understand and maximize the power of their student learning data. Our training model spans all grade levels and content areas and aims to:

Create strong data leadership, build effective data coaches and highly-engaged, collaborative data teams, maximize use of district and school resources, and create a culture of data-informed instruction. 

Why Choose Using Data Solutions PD for your district or school?

Using Data Solutions team will partner with your district or school to craft a data training plan that aligns with your goals and initiatives. Our Using Data programs are:

Customized—Professional development is built around your own data, including state assessments, benchmark assessments, common/shared assessments, formative assessments, student work, etc.

Research-Based and Field-Test Proven—Data is what we do, and Using Data Solutions brings over 16 years of research, field-testing, and successful implementation of a systematic Using Data Process.

Leadership-Driven—Strong data leadership is key to effective and ongoing data use. Using Data Solutions  offers training specifically designed for leaders to help them build capacity to initiate, lead, and support data-informed decision-making and impact classroom practices.

Process-Centered—Using Data Solutions in-depth Using Data training is aimed at classroom teachers, where it has direct impact on instruction and learning. Teachers' commitment to ongoing data use also guarantees sustainability of data-informed practices over time.

Download our White Paper. For more information on Using Data, please contact us at (774) 993-2005, or complete a contact us form.