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NEW! 1-Day Workshop Focused on Student Academic Growth

Effective Use of Classroom Data

This workshop is for you if you are interested in:

• Formative vs. summative assessment
• Student progress monitoring
• Meeting state or district student learning targets
• Processes that support collaborative inquiry for instructional improvement
• Effective professional learning communities

Description: This full-day session provides the tools that educators need to function as effective improvement teams. In small groups, participants learn to collaboratively analyze classroom data and use it to plan and monitor instruction that leads to targeted student improvement toward meeting district and/or school-level student learning goals.

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Using Data facilitators offer hands-on opportunities for small groups of teachers, administrators, and specialists to engage in deep and meaningful data driven dialogue that culminates in the development of short cycle classroom action plans tied to district and/or school improvement plans. Teams will use their own multiple measures of classroom data to learn how to pinpoint student learning challenges, select instructional interventions, and monitor progress toward reaching district- and/or school-level student learning goals.

Intended Audience: Grade-level or content-specific Teacher Teams of 2-7 people; school-based Improvement Teams of 2-7 people; individual teachers and data coaches.

NOTE: Teams of classroom teachers might include support from a school administrator, a curriculum specialist, and/or Special Education and ELL Specialists who attend the workshop as part of the team.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will:

• Know how to connect classroom data use to overarching district and/or school-level student learning goals (e.g., District Determined Measures/DDMs, Student Learning Outcomes/SLOs, Student Growth Objectives/SGOs), and professional development plans.
• Identify a variety of available classroom data sources that can be used to accurately identify student learning challenges and monitor progress toward improvement.
• Employ a 4-phase data driven dialogue process and use it to analyze two classroom data sources.
• Identify and validate potential causes of student learning problems and identify changes to instruction based on research and best practices.
• Develop a short-cycle classroom action plan targetting improved student outcomes.
• Identify data to collect and use to monitor progress of the short-cycle plan’s implementation and results.

Participants will leave the session with useful resources to support effective ongoing classroom data use, including:

• A proven method for collaboratively analyzing data
• A classroom-based short cycle action plan template
• A bibliography of additional resources that further inform effective data use at the classroom level

If participants take the workshop as a team, they will leave the session with an analysis of their own classroom data and a plan for putting it into action to raise student outcomes.

Download the flyer here.

Contact TERC’s Using Data Project for more information about registering for a workshop or scheduling a professional development program at your school! For details call 617.873.9639 or email

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This workshop is effective as a stand-alone professional development opportunity or in conjunction with one or more of our other 1-day workshop offerings:

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TERC’s Using Data Project offers high-quality and practical 1-day workshops that help build data literacy skills leading to improved outcomes.

However, our primary commitment is to help education leaders plan comprehensive professional development programs that are customized to local needs and that build collaborative inquiry and data literacy skills across all stakeholders in a school or district.

Let us help you create a solid foundation for change with:

Your data, your teachers, your students, your needs...

Contact us for more information about registering for a workshop or scheduling a professional development program at your school! Call 617.873.9639 or email for details.